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WRC Labor Rights Verification and

Alta Gracia Apparel

Please note that the WRC plays no role in the sale of Alta Gracia clothing. If you are interested in knowing more about how to buy this product, please go to the Alta Gracia website or to the website of your university or college bookstore.

The Worker Rights Consortium (WRC) is currently engaged in monitoring and public verification of working conditions at a factory that makes a unique apparel product: university t-shirts and sweatshirts sewn by workers who are paid a living wage, are represented by a democratic union, and face none of the abusive labor conditions that continue to plague apparel workers around the world. The shirts are sold by Knights Apparel under the company‚Äôs new Alta Gracia brand, and are available in campus bookstores across the country and online.

The Alta Gracia brand, and the robust labor rights monitoring process outlined on this site, represent an extraordinary step forward for worker rights in global manufacturing and are the product of two years of work by Knights Apparel, the WRC, student activists, university leaders, and worker representatives in the Dominican Republic where the garments are sewn.

Using the links on this page, you can find information on the factory, the community where it is located (and after which the Alta Gracia brand is named), the workers who make the product and the worker organization they have formed, the labor standards to which the factory must adhere and the methods the WRC uses to ensure these standards are met, the living wage requirement in force at the factory and how the wage was calculated, and the reasons why both living wage and freedom of association are so vital to workers, as well as other key topics.

Key Topics:

-The Community, the Factory, and the Workers
-Labor Standards and Verification
-The Obligations of the Factory and the Brand
The Importance of a Living Wage
-The Importance of the Right to Organize
-The Factory's Approach to Health and Safety

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